Michael E. Byczek, Attorney at Law

Michael E. Byczek is a licensed Illinois attorney and managing real estate broker.

Hardware and software technology.

Professional software engineering experience.

Focus in the technical aspects of legal issues.

Intellectual Property
Residential and Commercial Real Estate
Cyber Topics
Estate Plans
PDF Contracts

  Protect Your Invention. Assistance with USPTO Requirements. Search, Analysis, Drawings, and Description.

  Protect a Business Brand or Name. Registration with the USPTO. Search, Classification, and Analysis.

  Protect Original Work. Register with U.S. Library of Congress. Application Requirements and Infringement.

  Identify Theft Assistance to Fix Your Identity. eDiscovery and eRetention Strategies.

  Property Tax Appeals. Residential and Commercial Transactions. Owners and Tenants.

  Write an Estate Plan. Protect Your Property After Death. Options for a Will or Trust.

  PDF Documents. Sell Your Vehicle & Property. Customized and Prepared Forms.