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Fully Customized Pet Guardianship Agreement - $79

Who will care for your pets upon your death or during a medical emergency when you are unable to care for them yourself?

A Pet Guardianship Agreement is one document that should be included in an estate plan along with your Will, Trust, and/or Power of Attorney.

Explain your wishes for who and how your pets should be cared for when the time comes.

1. Fully identify each pet. This basic document includes provisions for up to three pets. Include special instructions, such as medication or a specific form of exercise.

2. Name a primary and alternate/successor guardian for each pet. An option is included for the same guardian to take all your animals.

3. Pick an animal shelter or organization, as a last resort, to take your pets if nobody is willing to honor your wishes.

4. Arrange for the appointed guardians to receive money to care for your pets. These guardians would keep any remaining money after each pet's death.

5. Identify your veterinarian, so that each guardian has access to medical records, continuing treatment, or medication.

6. Determine whether each guardian has authority for euthanasia to be performed.

7. Provide instructions for what happens after each pet's death, such as burial arrangements.

8. List up to three trusted relationships (i.e. dog walker, groomer, day care facility) so that the guardians know who you trust.

9. Each guardian must sign the document and consent to take legal responsibility for your pets.

10. Two witnesses need to watch you sign the document, and sign it themselves.

A Pet Guardianship Agreement is a good idea to protect your pets. It allows you to pick who should take responsibility for them. You don't want your pets taken to an animal shelter because your family was fighting over your estate. Somebody could claim a verbal promise from you. Without a written agreement, anybody could simply take the pets, including those who you would never approve.


The seller of this package, Michael E. Byczek, has been a licensed Illinois attorney since 2007.

You shall receive a fully customized pet guardianship agreement unique to your pets and personal preferences.

Each page of the guardianship agreement and any companion affidavits shall include notary provisions. While not required by law, Michael E. Byczek includes these provisions for the best possible protection.

Once payment is received and the written Attorney-Client agreement acknowledged, you will receive access to a secure collaborative file sharing platform to exchange documents and information.

Disclaimer: This package is only for residents of Illinois. The documents are provided for personal non-commercial use.

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