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Fully Customized Real Estate Sales Package - $99

Sell your home without a broker or attorney. This package is for those who want to sell or purchase real estate without a real estate broker through a "For Sale By Owner" transaction. This package includes the following documents that are part of a residential sales contract in Illinois:

1. Sixteen-page sales contract
2. One-page Bill of Sale
3. One-page counteroffer form
4. Lead-based paint disclosure form
5. Lead-based paint disclosure pamphlet
6. Radon gas disclosure form
7. Radon gas disclosure pamphlet
8. Property condition disclosure form

The seller of this package, Michael E. Byczek, is a licensed managing real estate broker and attorney in Illinois. He has been licensed as a broker since 2003 and an attorney since 2007.

The sales contract, bill of sale, and counteroffer form were written by Michael E. Byczek. The Property condition disclosure form was copied directly from the Illinois statute and formatted to print. The Lead paint documents were saved directly from the federal EPA website. The Radon gas documents were saved directly from the Illinois IEMA website.

Once payment is received and the written Attorney-Client agreement acknowledged, you will receive access to a secure collaborative file sharing platform to exchange documents and information. The goal is to fully understand the real estate being sold and customize the Sales Contract, Bill of Sale, and/or Counteroffer form, therefore removing provisions that do not apply to the sale if you had instead obtained a standardized fill-in-the-blank document. State and federal disclosure forms are determined by government regardless of seller or real estate and are left as fill-in-the-blank.

These documents are explained through a tutorial to understand the components of a real estate transaction using the sales contract to explain the process. Also included is a brief summary of legal requirements before and after the contract is signed along with helpful tips about how to market the property, determine a fair asking price, and take prospective buyers on a property tour. Tips include how to disclose the presence of home security systems while on a property tour, steps to stay safe while preventing those pretending to be prospective buyers from gaining access to your property, and avoiding scams to sign a sales contract. Relevant laws are included, such as anti-discrimination and federal lead-paint disclosures. The sales contract includes provisions for an "AS IS" sale, if requested.

Terms that you will read about include as-is condition, short sale, inspections, repairs, mortgage contingency, title insurance, surveys, lead-paint, radon gas, property defects, bill of sale for personal property, earnest money, utility costs, VA/FHA loans, and real estate taxes.

A verification letter shall be sent to the owner of the real estate before the document is prepared to prevent a fraudulent transfer of ownership.

Disclaimer: The documents are only valid for real estate located in the State of Illinois.

The documents are provided for personal non-commercial use.

For more information:

Brokerage website: http://www.byczekbrokerage.com
Law website: http://byczeklaw.com
Detailed profile: http://michaelbyczek.pro
Email: michael@byczek.pro

This customized legal service requires a written Attorney-Client agreement. You must read, acknowledge, and submit the agreement before an attorney-client relationship is formed. You may send payment first, but legal services shall not be provided without the agreement.

Each party to the transaction who is requesting these services must submit their own separate attorney-client agreement. For example, if the owners request a sales contract and are a married couple, each spouse must submit their own agreement. Only one fee is required, even though multiple agreements are submitted. This step is the virtual equivalent of multiple clients signing a single physical contract in-person.

Online payments may be made with PayPal or Venmo through the following options (link opens a QR Code for payment).

1. Scan the QR code (below) for a one-time payment of $99 (click for a larger image)

2. Visit paypal.me/michaelbyczek to send a payment using PayPal or www.venmo.com/michaelbyczek for Venmo.

3. Direct payment to @michaelbyczek for both PayPal and Venmo.

Options 2 and 3 require that you manually enter $99 as the payment amount.

You may include a comment about which service you requested. Otherwise, your payment will be matched to the attorney-client agreement after it is submitted.

Contact Michael E. Byczek if you would rather send a check or money order.

Note: If you order multiple legal products, you may send a single combined direct payment.


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